While the Tune Groove la’ Chord Was Playing


This text-based work looks like a flyer but I have been very careful to not describe it as such. It is handed out to people much like a flyer but it does not serve to publicise a forthcoming event or release (unlike a flyer). The text essentially explains the work. The idea being that I will only hand out this specific printed matter to people while the tune Groove la’ Chord by Aril Brikha is playing. Not surprisingly this seriously limits my opportunity to distribute it. I suppose I could rig up a sound system somewhere in a busy city centre and distribute the whole lot in one fell swoop but this would undermine the rush that I get at the moment the tune is dropped more unexpectedly. There is an almost unbearable sense of anticipation when I am laden with the said items and in an environment where I suspect the tune may be played. In a somewhat desperate fashion I cling to the hope that a DJ will play the 1998 classic by Brikha.