Coventry: City-Specific Listening



CCSL at The Tin 01
Coventry: City-Specific Listening as installed at the Tin Music and Arts, Canal Basin, Coventry on 25 June 2016

Coventry: City-Specific Listening is the result of a year-long search for music recordings that include the word ‘Coventry,’ either within track titles or artists’ names. Eschewing the convenience and portability of MP3s, I have focused on physical formats only, resulting in a piece that celebrates the tactile nature of the 7”, 12” LP, CD, CDr and compact cassette. A table and shelving unit, painted Coventry Blue, (a colour by Valspar®) makes accessible the aforementioned formats from which a compilation tape, titled COV C60 has been recorded.

Coventry: City-Specific Listening is somewhat like a partner project to the work 15:06:13-16:06:13/15.06.13/SG Subtitle:The One Hour Piece. 

To date the Coventry collection consists of the following:

Bounce The Mouse, Will You Ever Say?, Mousetrap Records, 1988 – includes the track “Coventry” (12″)

The Business, Do a Runner, Mad Butcher Records, 2015 – includes the track “Coventry (New Version)” (blue vinyl 7″)

Chicks on Speed, 99 ¢, Chicks on Speed Records, 2003includes the track “Coventry” (LP)

Clean Looking Boys, “Sent to Coventry”, DJW Records, 1983 (7″)

Coventry, “Around the Corner There’s a Man (He’s My Friend)”, Nasco, 1969 (7″ promo single)

The Coventry Automatics AKA The Specials, Dawning of a New Era, Receiver Records Limited, 1993 (LP)

Coventry Music, Sewer Wisdom, Sacred Phrases, 2010 (cassette)

Coventry Music Dieu Du Ciel/C.Yantis Comet Lodge, Hobo Cult Records, 2012 (cassette)

Greg Davis, Arbor, Carpark Records, 2002 – includes the track “Coventry” (LP)

Dog Leap Stairs, “Sussex (Storybook)”, Rubber Records, 1976  – includes the track “Coventry” (7″ single)

Morgan Fisher, Hybrid Kids 1+2, Cherry Red Records, 2008 – includes the tracks “Coventry” and “Coventry Backtrack”  (CD)

Flying, Just-One-Second-Ago-Broken Eggshell, Mill Pond Records, 2006 – includes the track “Calvary, Coventry, Critical” (CD)

Frank Griffith Nonet, The Coventry Suite, 33 Records, 2004 – includes the track “The Coventry Suite” (CD)

Russell Haswell, Value + Bonus, No Fun Productions, 2010 – includes the track “Coventry” (CD)

Nuala Honan, The Tortoise, no label, 2013 – includes the track “Sent to Coventry” (CD)

The Mob, “Send me to Coventry”, Halida Records, 1980 (7″ single)

The Offenders, Hooligan Reggae, Kob Records/Redstar 73 Records/Mad Butcher Records,  2010 – includes the track “Coventry Rebels” (CD re-issue)

Tango, “Mainline/Sent to Coventry”, Media Recordings, 2002 (12″)

Trespassers W, Pretty Lips are Red, Dead Man’s Curve, 1987 – includes the track “Coventry” (LP)

Trespassers W, Aimez-Vous Potemkin, Mecanique Populaire, 2014 – includes the track “Coventry” (Double CD)

Various, Duets, Tranquility Tapes, 2012 – includes the track “IO” by Coventry Music (cassette)

Various, Greetings from Hibernate & Home Normal, 2011 – includes the track “Coventry Carol” by Wil Bolton (CDr)

Various, Old Frontiers, Old Frontiers, 2011 – includes the track “The Squeesze (Pt.1) ” by Coventry Music

This project is commissioned by Artspace, Coventry as part of their City Arcadia programme 2015/2016, with funding from Coventry City Council and Arts Council England. Curators Laura Elliott & Michael Mayhew.

CCSL at The Tin 02

CCSL at The Tin 03

Cov 15 The Wire June 2016

My Cov 15 chart as published in the June 2016 issue of The Wire magazine.

Listening to COV C60 on the Canal Basin bridge

Listening to COV C60 on the ramp of the Canal Basin bridge

Listening to COV C60 in the Canal Basin

Below is the COV C60 tracklisting:

Side A

1. Chicks on Speed
Lyrics by Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie + Kiki Morse.
Music by Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie, Kiki Morse
+ Gerhard Potuznik. Produced by Chicks on Speed
(Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie + Kiki Morse) &Gerhard Potuznik.
Mixed by Glove. Copyright Control, 2003

2. Bounce the Mouse
Writtten by Bounce the Mouse. Produced by Chris Nagle.
Published by Moustrap Records. ℗ 1988

3. Greg Davis
Written and produced by Greg Davis.
Published by Carpark Records. ℗ 2002

4. The Mob
Send me to Coventry
Produced & arranged by Arun Bhandari, assisted by J. Rivers & J. Pryal.
Published by Kalida Records. ℗ 1980

5. Wil Bolton
Coventry Carol
Written and produced by Wil Bolton ℗2011

6. Hybrid Kids
Traditional, arranged by Morgan Fisher. Produced by Morgan Fisher.
Published by Cherry Red Records. ℗ 1980

7. The Offenders
Coventry Rebels
Written by Valerio Tenuta.
Published by Kob Records/ Redstar 73 Records/ Black Butcher Records.
℗ 2010

8. Flying
Calvary, Coventry, Critical
Written, produced and recorded by Flying.
Published by Mill Pond Records. ℗ 2006


Side B

1. Coventry Music
Première Neige
Published by Hobo Cult Records ℗ 2012

2. Nuala Honan
Sent to Coventry
Written by Nuala Honan. Produced by Nuala Honan
and Jamie Harrison. Published by Nuala Honan. ℗ 2013

3. Peter Hammill
Planet Coventry
Written by Peter Hammill. Produced by Peter Hammill.
Published by Static Music Ltd. ℗ 1993

4. Trespassers W
Lyrics written by Cor Gout. Music by Oudijk/Simonis/Krepel/Trespassers W.
Published by Dead Man’s Curve. ℗ 1987

5. Tango
Sent to Coventry
Written and produced by J. Giltrap. Published by Media. ℗ 2002

6. Russell Haswell
Performed, Recorded, Decomposed, Edited & Mastered by
Russell Haswell. Published by Mute Song LTD. ℗ 2010